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Related article: Date: Thursday, August 11, 2011 22 25th 0100 28 From: tom u003camias09 FastMail. fm u003e Subject: Brief Encounter Chapter 78 Brief Encounters - The saga continues... ! eekkk First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very intimate imation page and therefore able to create our own fantasies are often based Friends and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for Young Nude Lolitas the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart from very rare sexual extroverts, never Young Nude Lolitas dared to mention n is the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - usually in bed - on If you share a room with a brother, then a discovery to be in the bad \\ \\ n into account for the ! time of writing the story itself is not ready yet, and the n better or worse, has now become a work of some length, but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep written pages works! Nifty require a text file format so that if theting or punctuation go slightly above the stream, now I know why! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, and for some of you, that could run a memory or two three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom E -mail : amias09 FastMail. fm ******************************************* ******************************************* ***** ** ** **** NOTE: Holiday undoubtedly will stop writing flowing again, but keep in mind this space : =) * ************ ************************************* * ************ ********************************* n Chapter 78 - A bold experiment for students who are interested in one of the few advantages of a young man was the second year that the all-encompassing term "science" is dropped splits the subject matter in its three physical components, Chemistry and BiologyGia. The classes were in the laboratory instead of equipped with all utensils and equipment for food imagination Young Nude Lolitas and hope to stimulate the brain cells of young people asking heads. While bloody process of knitting needles and scalpels in the world of different animals dead , it must be said, appeared in the number of mysteriously miraculous can not capture many heads, physics and chemistry classes can. The block of science is relatively new, so the kids always common purpose built benches designed for the practical work can be done to stand, they were asked to sit in the chairs and notes available. There number of rows of benches, each comfortably accommodate six children n decorated with a variety of positive electricity, gas, electrical outlets and even a small sink at each end. Parked too few children of disappointment, for safety Reasons for the offer at strategic points so that they could n interact with each other and touch the sky throughout the buildingHigh With six children share a bench and people like Brian, Alex, Tom, Simon, David n Joe in physics class itself, and all promised the same bank, the lesson ot be higher in entertainment value as a science. ". I'm sick of this" Simon whispered over the nose piercing and looked aimlessly around the Young Nude Lolitas room for the umpteenth time : "If we do now something practical is everything you have done bleeding talk innit ? " " Yer. I hope that gives us something to play. "answered Tom. " Fantasy WOT then? " " Well, look what's with all the buttons and stuff " showed Simon on an oscilloscope and is well stocked cable sent out the reach of small hands on a bench in the back corner, "looks good no ? were with them all the buttons to play to yer ? " " WOT wonder "asked Tom. "Look, it has a little TV and at the end of n. " "Fuck knows! " Simon not only quickly lose interest in lessons, that s had. The pleasures of the flesh he had experienced in thelast 24 hours were very quiet in my head. " Maybe it's a masturbation machine and that some of these cables, and that ass up yer! " that was it. Tom was starting to laugh. "And look at yerself small television ? " " Yes, you can ' burn yer respect too! " with contagious laughter, especially children younger than two years Simon was also, laugh, joined Tom on the counter with the vague hope that to stop it. " Wassup ? " Alex whispered Tom, met was on, he felt something was already smiling. " Wots going on? " " Simon says a masturbation machine. " Stammered Tom, pointing to the corner. "Cor, meaning and how do you say that? " Extended eyes Alex and focused on the mysterious gray box in the away. To not know the difference and surrounded by all bits and pieces that scientists should seriously consider the declaration of the s at face value. As he explained himself, why should not is a masturbation machine and could just invent the site, although is a rather strange issue in a science lab at school have " WOT is that some idiot ? " Brian asked about Alex supporting expectant stretched neck to hear the answer. Until late in the morning and is not your morning straw Brian had an erection, because the bus ride n in school. " This is a masturbation machine ! " Alex said seriously, referred to the corner. "Cor " opened Brian for the lower jaw. He sat on the end of the bench, looked around, no one could see his left hand slipped on the front of her shorts and under the elastic from his underwear. " Wot, how are you ? " He asked, looking at it. That was more like the type the lesson he wanted his little hands imaging part of the machine in which n began the work manually. "do not Young Nude Lolitas know. " Making Alex was so interested in the form of Brian, as his cock growing n confirmed. " Do you think Big Willy has to work? " " If we were to dine here, creep, has d ' could leadthat we chaff? "Brian whispered excitedly. Young Nude Lolitas " No, she keeps it locked. " " Do you think the use of teachers that if we do not? "Brian spirit was surreal overdrive. " She would be large enough Willy, right? " I ' spose hey.. for " Alex paused, " how do you think will work ? " " Mmhh.. " Brian thought as he rubbed his fingers around the head of his cock, " maybe... maybe it was to say a special hole in the back, right? " " WOT? yer, of course, we can see that we ? Right, so you could push yer Willy 's quiet and does it for you? " " Ssshhh ! "Brian raised his finger. "Having at hand and yer knees, I guess! " " Cor, bloody hell yeah, yer right!" Pause Alex for a moment and apply the maximum absolute power of the brain. It s still time to see around the back of the box in his hands and knees, his shorts and underwear down to be filled, but a welcome queue hole for your open hole inviting invasion itself. Not that unlikely. Was that it? N "And then the TV screen ? WOT isthen that ? " ", Moore was interrupted ? "N " he told me, " whispered Brian, now facing the prospect pleased screwed gray metal box, reached deep into his shorts lever full four inches of hot and sticky expectations " dass. this is a Gert large magnifying glass, you can look and see what it does well ! " " Fuller, you hear me ? " Brian was gone, but the rest of the class, glanced to see Alex and Brian deep in a whispered conversation and oblivious to all the to n n " Yes, " Alex said slowly. "I think yer right. " both nodded, knowing that the secret was safe resolved. Brian, his hand wrapped around his cock seemed nostalgic to the opposite side of the room and asked if you ever come to trying to to Mr. Jefferson, if I knew what kids were thinking much about his considerable, if not an old oscilloscope would have been very, far from impressed. And as if on the same morning he had even lessimpressed with the attention spans of kids mediocre when referring to the law of Hooke. When Alex was learning about you, sir, Jefferson scary s reputation as a crack shot with a stick of chalk was well deserved. Just had a piece of half inch long, but the effect, if taken, was affected objective and at the top hard wooden bench was spectacular! with striking a crack just a few inches in front of Alex then fragments chalk dust flying in the air above it. Surprised, he literally jumped from his seat and quickly sat down again, only to discover that from is not the chairs were there was nothing to stop it. Moments found not even look shocked sitting on the dusty ground with class roar of laughter with him. " Ffffuu... " he muttered, struggling to get back on their feet. Looking clearly embarrassed, he tried, the worst of the brush dust and lime "class quiet. " Smile kindly Mr. Jefferson saw Alex. " Moore, is now sitting. Andou are an example of a law made in physics as the law that I teach is called Jefferson, the focus is and learn. " " Yes, sir, " Alex muttered. " Well, that's it, the law has been demonstrated. Please pay a little more attention in the future. " " Yes, sir. " " Now class, " turned to water harvesting and weight search down, which took place on the bench," may return to Hooke 's law and the fundamental n theory, for those who have to pay attention know that I just passed by. " " Are you okay? "Tom asked with a smile. " Yes, "Alex smiled back. " Bugger " " is divided into pairs and one of you to come and collect weights and springs, which have been prepared for you in the corner of here. I want to measure and record different lengths of spring different weights. " with the idea of ​​some of the practical and less theory, the boys finally n and cheered loudly began to move, collect information team. " Guys, quiet. Listen. Do not forget, you also need support and rule In order to do so. Furthermore, it is your task, if you like or is not a simple graph of the results of each spring and weight combination. " Of course, this brought a chorus which in turn Mr. Jefferson groans, of course, ignore and continue. " I know it's a relatively simple experiment, but gain importance of accurate and graphics are rubbish and you know how much I hate losing ! " looked around the room. " Do you have any questions? No? Well, now you know, how these results to the form his work, please do well and take note of what was your partner so I can review your notes. It will help me explain with clarity and, all that you do Young Nude Lolitas not understand. " " You always have the processing of chalk. "Tom whispered, while line for the team. " I had heard, he pounced. " " Yes, I so'd "Alex smiled. " Damn, not a means may take a little chalk, can't it? " " Yes, WOT a shot! So WOT is talking about, then? "It seemed Alex sneaking around," wunnit About masturbation machine ? " " You Wot ? "Tom looked confused. " WOT masturbation machine ? "N " You know, out there in the corner. "Alex very seriously sounds nodded menacingly on the scope of crouching on the bank corner. " Oh... "Tom did his best not to laugh. Alex and Brian must joke Simon took at face value," Oh, dass. you mean... dass. That masturbating machine? " " YER hoped that Brian knows how it works and want to try to like it. " " Wot ? Oh! How? "Tom looked with amazement never thought Alex have fallen into the trap, had to look away before he laughed. " Johnson, Moore will be flat to stop and rush, has in his hands are in the queue for the team! "" " Shit, Alex whispered softly, shuffling forward," I must say, later. " " right "because they want the chalk flying! " Said Tom, after nervousSearch in the direction of Mr. Jefferson. collection teams and, finally, to establish, the boy who had been listening to the first part of the lesson was soon under control, the experiment is a long time for those who are not help. " We have to do then?" Simon saw scrawled in its exercise results book. " Everything looks good, right? " " YER that, so you can read ' em! " Said Tom. " Fuck you ! " Tom smiled, "Okay, so I'll copy and try 'em in my book and then we have n done. " " you're absolutely right, because ` make ', Simon winked. N " I'll do a little experiment with me. " " What is that? " For some reason, Tom felt a tingle run your spine. The amount of time that the hand Simon in his pocket during class, the topic of last s experiment had to guess would not be too difficult. ", where the old Jefferson got there? "Simon looked around the room and, finally, saw him hunched over the front seat, someone was in trouble or one of the n other. " Let me know when he comes this way. "OK ' s. I'll copy what yer yer done while WOT will never do! "Tom smiled and looked hopefully at the mass in shorts with Simon. " Miro experience yer then? " " See it, yer fucking there! "Simon smiled. " I'll be back in a few minutes. " This Simon disappeared under the table to leave Tom looks very confused. We thought it best to get the results to copy completion of the work before you get to participate in Simon experiment quickly began to copy the information in their own book. Art had escaped relatively unscathed from the important geography lesson discovered two facts. not only had he learned that precipitates n South America might very seriously, but not issued a penalty for copying homework Production n. with twice the amount of homework that the rest of the class if and under threat of detention should not work complies thought to the best of luck. But the real question, War, achieved much luck in the teaching of mathematics, ? It was with great anxiety that is brought to the last round corner in the corner of the room and saw the open door of Mr. Patton him in the classroom. " Come," said Nigel, as he stated, as he dared, " we're not going in. You can to do. " "I want to run away. " Said Art Nostalgia. " No, not a whore," said Nigel, " yer fourth year and is only for the first year that escapes. " " I do not give shit about them still want to fuck the shit ! " managed type weak smile. "I know that shit I know, I have to. " "I just wish you could see a little better! " Nigel looked up and down, and looked up. "And do not forget, you can not smell ! " "They say the best damn thing!" The art was in the classroom. " Do not make it fucking worse than it is. " N "I 'm just trying to fucking help. " N "I know, sorry. " Art stood, turned and smiled. " Could not this not , let me give you a fuckingsomewhere tomorrow. " " Oh, shit, I do not think that! You can do it now! "Nigel blinked n and again. " Now bitch, come on, be brave. " " Hurry or " No voice was familiar. ' yer fucking going to be late, that WOT? "Nigel went to Richard had appeared behind them. " I'm sorry You have not seen. " " That's fine, not to be late for Patton son of a bitch, you know? wot it is. "Said Richard on foot. " I 'm gone. " "Shit ! "Said Art, as he approached the open door. " The Patton is a pussy! "Feel as his stomach churned all his teacher Mr. Patton is generally recognized by children to be the ugliest of the School. humorless and almost a real Victorian discipline, two s will for many years before retirement, you will definitely not be missed when he did his. "we now know the fucking of, and I'll keep yer hand ! "Nigel began to continued on foot. " Well, yer cock perhaps, but under the table ! " " Are you sure, just do not fucking run? "Art did a MCHhim. " No, I'm pretty sure, and. " " Come on guys, move along now or will be too late for the next lesson. " n Once was by a female voice was interrupted by Nigel looked very surprised and stammered : ". Yes Miss ' n " Who is the guy, " whispered surprised how well that Miss Jameson sweep with them and down the hall. " Miss HHMM.. fuck knows! "Nigel said, looking rather less shapely fascinated, as he walked away. "! WoT Fuckin ' ell ' Look " This girl has something to offer for n located between the legs, but how it could work the value request a screaming like " You make our bitch is gone for mathematics in the classroom! " " Well, then we fuck ! "Nigel said outside of it. " WOT is n at all? " With art behind the trailing edge, came to the door. Looking for more nervous around the door frame, the art skipped heart beats faster when he saw a that there was no sign of the dreaded Mr. Patton. Their attitude is not fun to go to unnoticed by Miss Jameson, have fun withwell stated in his face to come and sit. " Come on, do not bite ! " " could fucking bite! " Eric said to himself, feeling his cock to grow in their urine stained underwear. In contrast to the type, was extremely heterosexual long and detailed study of its 16 years of age, he actions of his sister and underwear! Without the Internet, to provide answers to the details deep within the bodies of women were still strong nna fifteen years. Surely, he reasoned n girls must somehow be able to masturbate another why her sister almost every night moaning? How do they do ? ot realizing increased sexual status reached Miss Jameson n at the reception to view the log. After qualification, since the music n it was quite common to continue despite her maiden name of work married about five years. Deliberately let the class whisper their surprise and visibly relieved that Mr. Patton is not is the lesson to take. Surprised his collective reaction was stronger than knows why. "right," she said while standing near the transition to the door, " some of the You know me and for which no, I am Miss Jameson and usually \\ \\ n, take the first and second grade. " " Where is Mr. Patton, Miss ? are you ill ? "asked Andy, that sounds really hopeful. When I was sick, then the terminal should be " He has a meeting outside of school. " " Oh. " " So, what does not will take care of him? " asked James, despondency palpable in his voice. "No, no, just for today. " N " Shame. " someone whispered back. We consider the class that saw his disappointment, as if n to the point of a collective groan was heard. " can not miss ? Apply? " enthused Eric playing in more ways than one. His cock now much fled the fly of the letter was pushing hard in the in his pants. Thirty years old, thin, and a good pair of breasts in a fantasy of going to bed ideal. If you masturbate? How? That may well be almoblind st in the morning. "No, sorry, I can not. Why you ask?" very dull in the reaction she looked at the dark face of surprise was not only a couple of guys n was the whole class. It was very difficult to illegal information in a class by another teacher, but had heard the rumors about Mr. Patton's style of teaching very autocratic. This antipathy to him as clearly shown by the entire class is unprecedented. "I hate him ! " The comment came as a shock attributable to the children and teachers. "You can not say stop. " ".. But we have for all of us. " Eric had found her voice and dripping faucet. "Boys, listen Young Nude Lolitas to calm down. " Looked sternly into the classroom. N " What's really is the problem? " " is too strict," said Harry over the railing, " No arrests for this and imprisonment for it. All the time! " \\ \\ N "and not explain anything well," said James, "then he said, comes from ` Because you are wrong. " " Well, I have a message and I will have suchk n to someone about this. Now back to the lesson, tell me what you did in the previous lesson ? " " More things logarithm. " " Know ye not understand? " " In fact, do not miss " Art Nigel saw and settled in his favorite position, and slide bulge in his pants at the bottom of the desktop. n "It could help - because I do not know WOT cursed beyond s no! " Whispered art. " Mmhh.. I hope so. "Nigel nodded. " I do not know. start " " Guys, before you do, and as I know no one of you, I like to take a n log, that could help me with your name. " " Miss, can we take off our jackets, it's hot on yer. "Harry asked, sitting in the pool of sunlight through the windows. " Yes, of course, is not yer here! I think the room to the south is not it? " " I have no idea, yes! " Harry replied simply grateful for the opportunity to cool down. " It's hot ! " with the class began to remove his jacket, looked Nigel art. " I guess I can start with these pants, which'S damn hot here. " Nigel saw, " Yer, 'cause it's nothing for him? Let me wait a good n. Could " Young Nude Lolitas three buttons undone type managed to pull gently, without above. Relaxed, pushed her up more and more bulky to hide under the table as he was. \\ \\ n the record and reached beyond the names are called. " Weldon ? " " YER Miss " " I know the name, "he paused, sounding puzzled and then looked around in the direction of art, " ah, I know. Simon Weldon I have one in my second year of mathematics of class. " " This is my little brother. "Art said proudly, smiling as only he could. incredibly happy that Miss Jameson for the lesson that he gave his extra mounting at the bottom of the table to push. Nigel looked down and smiled to himself, from the writings Wolsey smiling gap , where the zipper undone effort, the art has been resolved, of course, n \\ \\ n erection of monumental proportions. " I will tell you I met you. "She smiled back and not take the wHEAT in your smile. If only Mr. Patton was so human, that did not cost harvested nothing and great rewards. with the lesson that had been set up and within minutes the boys, now the content his new boss more than assimilate with the Lord Patton. When the sun had moved, Richard was always very hot, and nearly 15 minutes left lifted the hand. " Miss, we can try to open the other, the sticks. They blinds broke and all yer is very hot now. " " Uumm.. " saw the midday sun was undoubtedly shed more than windows. The opening of the new window that looked like a good idea, "yes, why not n. " " But Miss, I need help, because the window is as stiff as hell! " "Language " However, those seeking to do ? As a new kid in class, there was only a child that the name was familiar. N "Weldon," appeared to her and smiled, could " pop over and help you open the window for me. " " I? " Nature of some croaked moments in a state of shock. "reasonsand, yes. "Saw mixing in his seat, looked desperately for Nigel. Nigel again by the way, hoping desperately for art's sake, one hot and sticky fifteen -standing erection not just suddenly bursts out of the earth s pants. Miss Jameson went to the blackboard class abandoned to their fate. ################ ########### ####################### ############## continue \\ \\ n chapter 79 to
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